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Prospect Hill Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in the heart of North Omaha. Our cemetery is an important part of the local history with monuments and gravesites dating back to the early 1800s. Here, you can learn about Prospect Hill's history, explore the stories of those laid to rest here, and pay your respects to those who have gone before us.

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Following authorization of cemeteries by the Territorial Legislature in 1858, Prospect Hill Cemetery was established. One of the earliest burials was for Alonzo F. Salisbury, Omaha pioneer and member of the Legislative Council in the Third Session. Since then there have been approximately 10,000 burials recorded here, including those of many Omaha pioneers–– Deuel, Gaylord, Hall, Hanscom, Hitchcock, Kennard, Kountze, Krug, Lake, Lowe, McCague, Metz, Millard, Poppleton, Redick, Reed, Shinn, Anna Wilson and her good friend Dan Allen, and many others––Omaha’s developers, religious leaders, mayors, judges, those for whom Omaha streets, parks and schools have been named. There are military burials from early-day Omaha Barracks (later Fort Omaha, now the Fort Omaha Campus of Metro Community College) as well as many from armed conflicts dating back to the War of 1812.

We are now in a new era! In 1979, Prospect Hill was designated an Historic Site by the Landmarks Commission of Omaha and the Omaha City Council. The Prospect Hill Cemetery Historical Site Development Foundation was formed to aid in developing the historical and educational aspects of the Cemetery. Information on many of those interred here, gathered from relatives, was collected into a book (Omaha’s Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery). Improvements to the house and grounds have been made with the help of many interested parties. A Nebraska State Historical Site marker was erected, veterans’ graves were located, andMemorial Day services again were held with special music provided by the Prospect Hill Preservation Brass Ensemble. We implemented an educational outreach plan to enhance the teaching of the region’s history in local schools, and produced materials to make the Cemetery’s resources available to a wider audience. Most recently, we established a Legacy Arboretum, emphasizing trees native to the area. The Legacy arboretum project will bring a new dimension to the learning opportunities here.

To conduct research on those buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery please use this research guide.

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