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Support Prospect Hill

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Three Ways You Can Help

We appreciate all donations - monetary or your time - that help us continue to maintain this historic burial ground.


Support a Need





Digitation Projects

Prospect Hill Cemetery is, after all, a memorial garden, and it must be tended with care. Keeping the cemetery maintained while promoting and sharing the history and art that lives here is one way to ensure the legacy of those who rest on Prospect Hill. We welcome helping hands to assist with the general maintenance of the grounds.
Clean-up events will be listed on our event calendar.

The prospect Hill Cemetery board of trustees is currently working to digitize our records and make them available to researchers.

To learn more about the current opportunities available, email us at

Support a Need

Support a Need

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The Support a Need fundraising initiative provides an opportunity for donors to have their funds applied toward needed items.

Omaha’s historic Prospect Hill Cemetery and Arboretum is maintained purely

by the donations and support of the community. By sponsoring an item for the

cemetery’s maintenance, you will be contributing directly to a specific need.


Donate Today

Monetary contributions are always welcome and appreciated. All funds donated to Prospect Hill Cemetery go toward the continued maintenance, upkeep, and preservation of this historic burial ground.

Stay up to date on the goings-on at Prospect Hill Cemetery by joining our mailing list!

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